Initial contact via the attached form is naturally free of charge. Try to provide as many details as possible, to aid fast processing.

This initial information allows us to formulate a plan. You will get an answer from us via email.

From this point on, we will have to ask you to respect our time and some costs will be incurred. But please don’t worry – there are no retroactive payments or surprises. You will receive a cost estimate in advance.

The next steps are different. Personal contact are very important to us. We can talk on the phone, use Skype or you can visit us in person.

We will define your needs together. This lets us avoid unnecessary costs.

You will set your expectations of where, what, and when things must be done.

We will look for solutions.
As your very personal representative, we will secure options based on your needs and your situation.

We will propose at least three different plans for the same problem to be transparent and ensure objectivity.

You will receive a summary of all your options in an to you understandable form. This will help you make your final decision.

To proceed you will need your unique access code!